Fall 2016


Welcome to our new Fall Season and our new updated web page.  The address is the same, but the look is new and with a familiar set up.  Please check our web page weekly for updates and info on our matches and league play.   We have a few name changes on the schedule but the venues are all familiar and in need of our continued support. 

WEEK 5:  It's time to start getting serious.  We are getting into the heart of the season and the competition has tightened up.  This week saw Ricky Williams finally wake up and earn this week's high average with 22.43 pts./dart and the High IN too.  He only needed 67 darts to sweep his 501 match while throwing in a ton80 in the process.  The real test was 2nd place as CJ Ruscin, Ed Davis, and Marshall all were 19+ points per dart.  The High IN went to Ricky with a 120 to edge out Dane Looman's 115.  The High OUT this week goes to Ed Davis with a 100 beating Pat Nabors' 80. 

The Tungsten Division now has the Bad Monkeys in the top spot with a slim 1 point lead over the VFW Warriors after the first 5 weeks.   3rd place Frosted Mug is now 10 points back of 2nd place and 6 points ahead of the Dartsmen. 

The Wood division has a new leader as the Pines upset theTungsten Division Dartsmen to jump over the Smokin Jills' Dart Devils to lead the division by 7 points. 

Let's see what happens in week 6 as the sunlight starts to diminish, the horns have hardened, and the dart action begins to really get serious.  Stay on top of your game as it's time to toss the best darts of the year.

Good luck to all, on to week 6 


Mountaineer Dart Association